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Our universe may have a doppelganger full of white holes and black stars

Einstein and other early proponents of quantum mechanics felt strongly that black holes, somehow, were the key to solving the whole… universe problem.

How did the universe get here? When did it get here? How big is it? What’s it made of?

Unfortunately, our position in the cosmos makes it difficult to answer any of those questions. We’re stuck here about 1,500 light years away from the nearest black hole.

Scientists have posited many explanations for the existence of black holes, but all we really know about them is that they suck.

Theoretically, black holes have infinitely dense centers. And that’s almost not worth thinking about – it’d take forever to fully contemplate infinity. But it does stand to reason that the existence of an infinitely massive singularity would intimate the existence of an object with an infinitesimally small central mass. A white hole, if you will.

White holes

Scientists basically describe white holes as origin stories for black holes.

Credit: Wikicommons