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Genesis pledges to go all-EV in 2025 and teases eight new models

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On Thursday, Korean luxury brand Genesis committedto manufacture only fully electric vehicles from 2025. That’s a big and promising move from an automaker that became a standalone brand under its parent company, Hyundai, just five years ago.

Specifically, Genesis will follow a dual electrification plan, which means that all its models with be either battery electric or powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain.

For this reason, the company’s working on higher-output fuel-cell systems, more efficient EV powertrains, and next-gen lithium-ion battery tech.

Plus, it has set the target of being zero-emission by 2030, aiming to phase out its current and upcoming gas-powered models.

Genesis’ transition will also follow a holistic approach and involve its entire value chain “beginning with raw materials, vehicles, and parts and extending to all work sites and production plants.”

And if that’s not impressive enough, the brand has also teased eight new forthcoming EVs, with the aim to sell 400,000 vehicles per year by 2030.

Credit: Genesis