Belichick should choose his words about the COVID vaccine more carefully

Vaccines work, Bill.

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Vaccines work, Bill.
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It’s already been a wild week in New England and it’s only Wednesday.

After the surprising release of Cam Newton and promotion of Mac Jones to starting quarterback, many questions needed to be answered from Bill Belichick.

One of the most glaring was if Newton’s release had anything to do with his hesitancy to get vaccinated. Belichick responded simply with, “No.” But there was another response from Belichick later in that press conference that turned some heads on social media this morning.

“Your implication that the vaccination solves every problem…has not been substantiated. The number of players and coaches and staff members who have been infected with COVID after being vaccinated is a pretty high number. I wouldn’t lose sight of that.”

While there have been a few breakthrough cases in every part of society from vaccinated individuals, Belichick’s statement makes it seem as if the vaccines are faulty and failing to protect individuals from COVID, which is obviously not the case.

I’m not sure if that’s what he meant, but the statement itself is giving off weird vibes. I understand not wanting to say if vaccination status was a factor in cutting a player. You don’t want to end up with the NFLPA launching an investigation into your practices like they are doing with Urban Meyer in Jacksonville. But you also don’t have to give out misleading information that could deter the people who pay attention to you from being safe.

The statistics from the CDC, and state health departments prove you are safer when you are vaccinated. And the push to get more people vaccinated is now as strong as it’s ever been because of the rise of COVID complications due to the Delta variant.

We can’t afford to be spewing any rhetoric that could potentially persuade someone to not protect themselves from this virus.

We all have to be extremely careful with our words, including Bill Belichick.

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