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She Was Seen as a Victim in the Sarah Lawrence Cult Case. Now She’s Charged.

Last year, prosecutors presented a different portrait of Ms. Pollok.

At a hearing in March 2020, they successfully argued against bail for Mr. Ray, noting that there were still victims under his control at the time of his arrest, including the two women living with him. “Both are women he exploited and abused for years, including physical abuse and sexual exploitation,” one of the prosecutors, Danielle R. Sassoon, said.

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Ms. Sassoon did not identify the two women, but the government made it clear that Ms. Pollok was one of them during her recent arraignment in federal court in Manhattan. The other woman who was living with Mr. Ray has not been charged.

In August, prosecutors wrote to the judge, claiming that Mr. Ray, using his father as an intermediary, was sending coded messages from jail to the two women. “Ray also amassed videos that contain graphic sexual content of these two women, including sexual acts performed at Ray’s direction that appear designed to debase and control them,” the prosecutors said.

Mr. Ray’s messages from jail to the women were “plainly designed to tamper with witnesses and deter these women from cooperating in the government’s investigation,” the prosecutors said. In one call, for example, Mr. Ray told his father to tell the women that they had “signed on forever.”

“Most troubling,” the prosecutors wrote, “the calls suggest that Ray’s ongoing communications are designed to ensure the ongoing loyalty of these women and to inhibit their ability to detach from the influence he commanded over them for nearly a decade.”

One sign that Mr. Ray’s influence still looms large over Ms. Pollok surfaced at her arraignment, where her lawyer, Peter M. Skinner, said he was concerned that Ms. Pollok “may not be competent to stand trial,” and suggested the judge order a psychological evaluation of his client.

Then Mr. Skinner noted that Ms. Pollok disagreed with his view. “She feels that she is competent to proceed and doesn’t feel that any hearing on competency is necessary,” Mr. Skinner said.

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