30 Wellness Design Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

It’s been a tough year for moms. Many have been homeschooling their kids, caring for elderly or ill family members, working from home and dealing with a ton more stress than usual, while also trying to stay sane and healthy. While it feels like there’s a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, the mothers in your life might still be dealing with extra burdens.

Rather than get her (or them, for those who give to multiple moms in their lives), a Mother of the Year medal or bouquet, select a gift that honors her many roles at home. Here are Mother’s Day gifts that celebrate the five facets of wellness design with different mom needs and interests in mind.

Health & Fitness Facet Gifts

The health and fitness facet of wellness design includes features that support healthy eating, better sleep, exercise and recovery, ergonomics and hygiene.

Simple kitchen gift ideas

1.      For moms who like to cook, consider a multi-cooker, slow cooker or air fryer for healthier meals;

2.      For moms who like to cultivate, get her an herb garden, mushroom kit or microgreens grower for cooking enhancement;

3.      For moms who spend hours on her feet in the kitchen, get her an anti-fatigue mat for cushioned kitchen work;

4.      For moms who love to bake, help her create a baking center with a mixer lift and drawer organizers for her rolling pins and measuring spoons.

Healthful gift ideas for moms who work from home

5.      Help her be healthier with a desk riser or adjustable desk for alternating sit/stand tasks;

6.      Help the home-based worker in your life reduce eye strain with an adjustable desk lamp;

7.      For a big splurge, get the mom in your life a new or used ergonomic desk chair for a more supportive workspace.

Home fitness ideas for moms who exercise at home

8.      If she’s been asking for cardio gear, spoil the mom in your life with a new or used rower, skier, treadmill or exercise bike;

9.      A suspension workout system will provide new workout opportunities for your favorite mom at home;

10.  If mom has all the workout gear she could ever need, a storage system for organizing it could be just the gift.

Bed and bath ideas for wellness in her suite spot

11.  Enhance mom’s bedroom with a set of organic cotton bedding;

12.  If she’s been having trouble sleeping, a white noise machine and blackout window coverings can be a welcome gift for the mom you love;

13.  You can give mom’s bathroom a spa upgrade with a handheld massaging showerhead.

Safety & Security Facet Gifts

This second facet of wellness design encompasses features that protect life, health, privacy and property. Covid-19 has definitely driven home the links between home and safety this past year, so it may be top of mind in your family.

14.  Protect mom’s home with a leak detection system that will alert her (or you) to faucets left running or leaking pipes or hoses where they can’t be easily seen;

15.  Protect mom’s health with a water filtration system that will provide clean drinking and bathing water throughout her home;

16.  Enhance her home safety gear with a fire extinguisher and radon detector and show her how to use them.

Accessibility Facet Gifts

Accessibility may bring to mind a frail or mobility-challenged individual, but accessibility-enhancing gifts can help moms of all ages and abilities be safer and more functional at home.  

Improve accessibility in mom’s bathroom

17.  Add a stylish fold-down shower seat to mom’s shower space that will add comfort if she’s tired and reduce the chance of falls if her balance is compromised;

18.  Add an attractive, finish-coordinated grab bar to her shower and toilet areas for stylish safety;

19.  Add u-drawers to her vanity to make it easier for her to reach items stored inside;

20.  Replace a hard-to-grip faucet with a lever handled model.

Add accessibility to mom’s kitchen

21.  Replace standard shelves with swing-out, roll-out and pull-down organizers in mom’s cabinets;

22.  If mom is having trouble using the oven on her range, get her a countertop combi-steam oven that will let her make healthful dishes without all the bending and heavy lifting;

23.  If mom is having trouble opening her cabinet doors and drawers, replace their hard-to-grip knobs with more user-friendly handles that are easier to use, even with arthritis or wet hands.

Functionality Facet Gifts

Functionality is about making a home more user-friendly. While you’re not likely to change mom’s countertops or cabinets, there are some gifts you can give her to enhance her kitchen’s and bathroom’s functionality:

24.  A voice control kitchen faucet will make meal prep easier and more sanitary, but be sure to cover the installation costs too;

25.  Dishwasher-safe cutting boards can make meal prep more sanitary and cleanup easier;

26.  A digital shower system can make bathing simpler and safer.

Comfort & Joy Facet Gifts

This is the facet that has inspired a million flower deliveries over the decades, but a wellness design gift can long outlast the hardiest buds. Here are some home-related comfort and joy gifts that can delight the moms in your life all year-round.

27.  Skip the flowers and get a green-thumbed mom a beautiful houseplant in a decorative pot instead;

28.  Pamper her with a towel warmer for her bathroom;

29.  Find art photography celebrating her favorite vacation spot and have it framed for her favorite spot at home;

30.  If her home has outdoor living space, get mom a gift that will help her enjoy it more, like a misting fan, umbrella, privacy screen, serving cart or chaise lounge.

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