Woman goes viral after sharing the pitfalls of online dating for plus-size women

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing what it’s like to use online dating apps if you’re a plus-sized woman – saying that men would swipe right just to judge her appearance.

Beth Caldwell said she is ‘criticised just for existing’, and described one recent incident where she matched with a man named Justin who went out of his way to insult her.

Justin labelled himself a ‘rebel’ in his biography on Tinder, and specifically added “obesity isn’t beautiful or healthy”, and message Beth to tell her to lose some weight.

She politely refused to explain herself, and the man then continued to offer dieting tips – something that Beth believes he wouldn’t have done if she was thin.

Beth was left unshaken by her run-in with Justin

In Beth’s video, which has been viewed over 549,000 times, she says: “If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like dating while fat, well today is your lucky day.”

“Go ahead and read this, because it’s full of toxic masculinity.”

She then shares an image of 36-year-old Justin’s dating profile, which reads: “I’m a bit of a rebel because I don’t watch pornography, I am monogamous, I believe in marriage, meat is food, vegetables are overrated, self-discipline is freedom.

“Exercise is like breathing, masculinity is good, technology is overrated, western medicine has flaws, ketones > glucose, fasting is essential for good health, obesity isn’t beautiful or healthy, tradition > modernism, family is blood, God is real and Christ is king.”

After matching with Beth, Justin wrote “why not lose weight? It’s not hard” and she soon came back with the perfect response.

She said: “Thanks so much for your input Justin! Even though quite obviously, no one asked for it. You know what’s way easier than losing weight? Minding your own business!

“Why don’t you go ahead and deal with your own internalised narcissism and misogyny and leave me and my cute fat body to exist in peace.

“It’s really not my fault that you so clearly tell yourself you hate fat people but feel so compelled to reach out to me.

“Sounds a little more like someone was angry that a yucky fat person they’re supposed to hate got them a little sexually frustrated and you obviously had to squash that right down because ew right?

“Don’t worry cutie! I won’t take it personally, I know you’re just hot and bothered and just don’t know how to deal with all the big feelings you have.”

In the video, Beth then goes on to say how she knows she looks ‘fly as hell’, before adding how this incident highlights the difficulties that plus-sized people face on a daily basis.

Beth’s video resonated with her fans and many TikTok users commented their opinion on the incident.

One user said: “Vegetables are overrated, but we’re the unhealthy ones… okay.”

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While a second added: “He’s a walking red flag.”

And a third wrote: “I don’t understand why men feel the need to tell a woman they’re not attracted to them.”

“People who go through this much effort to try and bring someone down says a lot about their own self-confidence. He’s definitely got self-hatred and you’re 100.”

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