Why This Scientist Is On A Mission To Turn Your Poo Blue

Staring down in the toilet bowl, Professor Tim Spector had momentarily forgotten he’d eaten a muffin filled with food colouring. Poking from the well of water was the contents of his bowel, in a shocking shade of electric blue.

Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and author of The Diet Myth, is calling for members of the public to follow suit and eat blue-coloured muffins to monitor their gut transit times. This is the time it takes for food to travel from your mouth to the other end.

The aim is to educate people about their biology, specifically their gut health, and to get people talking about the glamorous topic of poo.

Prof Spector was involved in a study, published in the medical journal Gut, which saw 863 healthy individuals eat food with blue dye to monitor gut transit times. It found longer gut transit times were generally linked with more undesirable bacteria, while shorter transit times indicated a healthier gut.

Professor Tim Spector

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