When the UK will be told the Queen has died – and who hears the news first

Significant arrangements are already in place for the day the monarch – who has reigned since 1952 and is still, by all accounts, said to be in good health – passes away

Plans for the days after the Queen’s death have been codenamed ‘London Bridge’

Secret documents which detail plans for the days after the Queen dies – codenamed Operation London Bridge – have been leaked.

Her Majesty, who has reigned since 1952, is said to still be in good health at the age of 95.

But significant arrangements are already in place for the day when the monarch passes away.

The papers have revealed that the first person outside Buckingham Palace to be told the news will be the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet Secretary – the nation’s highest-ranking civil servant – will then be informed, as well as other senior officials and politicians.

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The Queen ascended to the throne in 1952


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According to the documents, seen by POLITICO, the day the Queen dies has been dubbed “D-Day”.

And it is on this day that the UK will be told of her death – with the royal household issuing an “official notification” to deliver the news to the public.

Flags across Whitehall will then be lowered to half-mast – with plans also in place for the social media and internet age.

POLITICO said documents disclose that the royal family’s website will change to a black holding page with a short statement confirming the Queen’s death.

Charles (centre) will become king and will broadcast to the nation at 6pm, reports say


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The official government website – – will also display a black banner at the top.

And all government departmental social media pages will also show a black banner and change their profile pictures to their departmental crest.

Reports say that the Prime Minister will then be the first person to make an official statement, before they hold an audience with the new king.

After this, King Charles will deliver a broadcast to the nation, said to be scheduled for 6pm.

Her Majesty’s funeral will take place 10 days later at Westminster Abbey, before the monarch is buried in the family crypt next to her beloved Prince Philip at Windsor Castle, reports say.

You can read details of how the full day 10 days after the Queen’s death will unfold here.

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