Two-tier championship must be part of football revamp – Dominic Corrigan

Former Fermanagh and Sligo manager Dominic Corrigan is adamant that whatever format the All-Ireland SFC takes after this weekend’s Special Congress, it must include provision for a ‘B’ championship.

orrigan was speaking after guiding Ballinamore Seán O’Heslin’s to a first Leitrim SFC title since 1990 in a breathless victory over Mohill, a game screened live on TG4.

“I am definitely in favour of change,” Corrigan insisted. “I feel the two-tier system is good. Looking at these Leitrim players here, they now have something to realistically go for with this Tailteann Cup.

“That can only be good for them. You have Andy Moran coming in. It will give them a target to go for in the league, to win Division 4 or whatever. My preference would be, Division 1 and 2 go into the ‘A’ championship. Division 3 and 4 go into the ‘B’ championship.

“But whatever way they go, they have to change it. They can’t keep the status quo because the status quo is not serving Gaelic football well.

“It’s not serving these players well. When will those footballers get a chance to play an inter-county championship against teams of their level unless they change it?

“They must change it. Anybody who feels they should keep the status quo, they’re not serving the GAA well.”

On Saturday, in an interview with the Irish Independent, Corrigan had been glowing about the standard of footballers in Leitrim, despite their lack of progress of late at senior level. A two-tiered championship, he stressed, would provide a more level playing field on which to demonstrate that talent.

“Leitrim are seen like the minnows. And myself, being from Fermanagh, I always have a soft spot for those teams that would be seen as lower-tier,” he said. “But by God, there was nothing lower tier about that football there today.

“There was some outstanding scores. Maybe if some players from Kerry and Dublin were scoring them, people would be raving about them.”

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