TikToker kicked out of restaurant for ‘not wearing more clothes’, she claims

A Tiktoker’s video where she tells of being kicked out of a Colorado restaurant for being “underdressed” has gone viral with her claiming it was because other female diners were unhappy

Her online video was widely viewed

A woman who told how she was kicked out of a restaurant for being “underdressed” with a waiter saying she needed to “cover her ass”, has gone viral on TikTok.

More than 500,000 people have now seen the video where @willowstreedarko claims she was asked to leave due to complaints from other female diners at a Colorado restaurant.

In a video posted by the account it shows a couple sitting near her at a restaurant who then move to another table.

And the TikToker claims that the man had been staring at her while “multiple white women” also reported her outfit to staff before she was told to go.

She said that the waiter also claimed that she was repeatedly getting up and going to the toilet.

She claims she was kicked out of the restaurant



“You’re uncomfortable because you saw your husband staring at me,” she says in the video.

“Then you had to get up and move. Then y’all went hold on the manager.”

“This was [the employee’s] excuse the first time: You go to the bathroom,” she said.

But she responded: “I’ve been here for two hours drinking bottomless mimosas. I thought that everybody went to the bathroom.”

In a second video, @willowstreedarko included a short part of a chat with the employee of the restaurant where she is told to leave because she “keeps going to the bathroom” and is “very underdressed.”

She shared her attire on the video



“Sometimes, you just need to wear more clothes, instead,” the waiter said.

“You have to wear something that covers your a**. I’m just being real with you,” he said.

The TikToker said she was going to report the waiter as she claimed she was being discriminated against.

She added she was a regular at the restaurant and there had never been a problem in the past.

“I tip very well,” she said in the video. “And he was, ‘Yes, we see you all the time. You take good care of us’.’ So, you’re kicking me out just because of white will be cried wolf.”

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