The best Chinese New Year food to enjoy with friends and family

Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 1.

But did you know there are dishes traditionally eaten to mark the annual milestone?

The Chinese New Year is typically celebrated over 16 days, from Chinese New Year’s Eve on January 31.

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This year’s Zodiac animal is the Year of the Tiger, known as the king of all beasts in China.

Here is the best Chinese New Year food to enjoy with friends and family for the celebrations – the dishes are said to bring luck and prosperity to those who consume them.

Dumplings are another lucky food for Chinese New Year and different fillings have different meanings

The best Chinese New Year food to enjoy with friends and family

Fish is traditionally eaten during the Chinese New Year to increase prosperity, specifically Crucian carp or catfish.

Dumplings and spring rolls are also a food that is widely consumed during this time in the hope both will bring wealth.

Some people even put a white thread or copper coin inside a dumpling. The reason for this is the person who finds it is supposed to come into wealth and longevity.

Glutinous rice cake is another food traditionally eaten at Chinese New Year and is supposed to signify luck. The main ingredients of this dish are sticky rice, sugar, chestnuts and lotus leaves.

A great dish for the family is sweet rice balls, as these signify togetherness. The dish symbolises reunion, an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

A whole steamed chicken is another symbol of family and is said to bring blessing and protection.

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