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I confess I wasn’t really following the “Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act” until yesterday. And forgive me for being a wee bit naïve, but I’m shocked by Asa Hutchinson’s veto and even more so his reasoning.

According to our write-up:

The bill “would put the state as the definitive oracle of medical care, overriding parents, patients, and health care experts,” Hutchinson told reporters at a press conference on Monday. “While in some instances the state must act to protect life, the state should not presume to jump into the middle of every medical, human, and ethical issue. This would be, and is, a vast government overreach.”


Government under a conservative philosophy should be restrained. . . . This is an example of where restraint is better than over-broad actions that interfere with important relationships in our society.

We’re talking about life-altering surgeries and hormone experiments on minors. I’m sorry, but a conservatism that does not protect children from this abuse is not conservatism. Yes, there needs to be compassion for minors who have already been hurt by adults — parents and doctors getting them into the business of transitioning. But this needs to stop. Perhaps Governor Hutchinson could reflect a little on a certain magazine at the heart of conservatism’s “Standing Athwart” advice. This gender ideology business is destructive. Pope Francis has called it a nuclear bomb on humanity.

A super-practical/experiential aside: Does Asa Hutchinson even remember being a teenager? Does life get more painful and confusing? And that was when we were teenagers. How exponentially more desolating it is now! They need adults to be rational and kind and protective. Medical intervention to change the gender of a child is not any kind of “medical, human, and ethical issue.”

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