LTC LITECOIN USD This is Litecoin on the 4 month, and as you can see there has been a running flat correction from its run up 2015-2017 for the last 5 years. Litecoin has been in a bear market technically for the last 5 years correcting on a 4 month candle chart. At the same LTC has formed a massive bull flag in this correction, with a measured move up to $10,000 like I talk about in my other charts. Im not sure when we will get there but i believe the explosion upward for Litecoin will be so swift and so fast and unexpected it will catch everyone off guard. I see people comment with crap to say about Litecoin like its dead, no use case, old news, better projects blah blah blah. Something people should notice is that Litecoin has been and always will be around. Right now Litecoins price is way below its value. Ever notice how when CNBC or Other news channels when they do a crypto market roundup or talk about cryptos prices etc they always use Bitcoin , Ethereum and Litecoin! People who say Litecoin is dead should ask themselves why their favorite project be it Doge, Shib, XRP, ADA, SOL etc aren’t used to show market conditions on Mainstream Media? You can actually see an example of this from just a couple of days ago, Anthony Pompliano was on CNBC, I believe it was, and they talked about the current state of the market. The three coins they showed the percentage loss on was Bitcoin , Ethereum and Litecoin. Litecoin is going to take over the payment space In my opinion. Its position will be right under Bitcoin on the market cap in position 2 or 3, where it was for a long time before and will be again in the future. You’ll never see Litecoin again at these prices, this is a no brainer for me to load up on LTC now. So what if we drop a few more bucks, then DCA in, and think about the reward you will get in the future when LTC smokes past everything and everyone’s expectations and gets back into the #2 spot with a price in the $10,000 -$20,000 USD range. This is not trading advice this is just my opinion. Thank you follow me for for updates and analysis. Good luck out there my friends.
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