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Welcome to ETMarkets’ Investors Guide, a show about asset classes, market trends, and investment opportunities. This is Bhaskar Dutta.

The ongoing bull run in domestic stocks have surprised many. It took just 3 days for Sensex to move from 57K to 58K and another eight days to hit 59K. The way indices are adding new milestones is making value-focused investors jittery.

Everyone is wondering whether the next phase of the bull market will mimic 2004 when the market witnessed a sharp correction followed by a rebound, or 2010-2012 period when the market went into consolidation for a good period.

We caught up with Alok Agarwal of PGIM India Mutual Fund to understand why the market is so upbeat and what can halt this rally, if at all. Agarwal also explained reasons behind the market bullishness on the capex theme and opportunities that lie ahead for the IT sector.

Listen in!

>>> What are the biggest factors or events that can halt the ongoing rally for the market?

>>> How would you compare this market phase with market phases of 2003 and 2009? Are we in for a short-term steep correction, followed by a rebound, like in the case of 2004 or a decent consolidation like 2010-2012?

>>> Capex cycle theme is one theme that analysts are gung ho on. But do we really have demand? Can you give our listeners examples of utilisation levels of a few sectors to get some sense? By when can we see a strong capex cycle happening?

>>> With the dollar likely to strengthen in the coming months on Fed taper, do you think IT as a pack will still do well, considering a Fed taper would also mean improving business activity in the US?

>>> There are fears of a third wave of Covid. Which sectors do you think may find difficulty in dealing with it for the third time?

Thank you Mr. Agarwal for a very intriguing conversation.

That’s all in this week’s special podcast. Do keep checking this space for more interesting content and take time out to follow our market podcasts twice every day. Stay safe and Happy Weekend!

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