Eat your cookie before reading the fortune. for BYBIT:BTCUSDT by Masterolive

After mastering the art of LUNA drawings, Ive turned my brush to bitcoin .

I’ve grown tired of watching bitcoin alongside alts, and I realized that focusing only on bitcoin removes an extra variable I would otherwise have when charting an alt. Besides, I can lose my family fortune with 100x leverage instead of relying on 50%-100% moves on alts.

If you like to inflict financial pain and crippling anxiety on yourself, you have come to the right place.

I have charted a series of predictions using trend lines and my good friend Stoch . Suppose we continue above the primary upward trend in light purple. In that case, I’m predicting a temporary breakout from the daily and then a series of possible paths post-breakout, traced from previous breakouts similar to this week’s pattern.

In the short term, I have a tiny bubble. Let’s say we hit that bubble; we could continue to drop near the small rectangle labeled one hr 30m; look closely; you can’t miss it. I’m going to bet black that the 4-hour breaks us up to the 21300 zone, and then I’ll bet red we fall and bounce off the 20982 at my breakout as the daily brings us up again.

Unfortunately for you, nothing is this easy, but the idea sounds good after I drank two glasses of sake

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