Why You Need Our Shopping Hotline in Your Life

You’ve probably seen our shopping hotline around. Maybe you were scrolling through Instagram one day, ignoring whatever show you had playing on your laptop (sorry, Netflix), when you came across this post, and thought to yourself, huh? Que? I’m listening. Tell me more?

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But since you can’t actually access the shopping hotline without joining Cosmo Unlocked, we want to make sure you know ex-act-ly what you’ll get in exchange for shelling out your hard-earned cash.

  • Direct access to our team of experts who are just waiting to flex their online shopping muscles: Shopping editor Kim Duong, fashion editor Lauren Adhav, and assistant shopping editor Meg Uy
  • You ask them a super specific question, like “I’m looking for some fun creamy eyeliners that are sparkly. Mostly inspired by the eye makeup worn by the character Annie in Good Girls. I am ballin’ on a budget though” (yes, this is a REAL question) and in return…
  • …You get a super legit, actually-researched recommendation, like “I love looking like $$ for just $, and NYX is probably my favorite brand for hyper-affordable makeup. I really love their glittery jumbo eye pencils and think it might do the trick. It’s big enough if you want to do an all-over lid look but also small enough (and can be sharpened!) to do a winged look. Best part is it looks like Ulta has them for about $4.50 a pop!” (which yep, again, is a REAL answer from Kim)

    In other words, it’s like having a team of personal shopping right at your fingertips. Pretty sweet, I know.

    And to be clear, the shopping hotline is just one of the many perks that comes with your Cosmo Unlocked membership. So, what are you waiting for?

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