These are the best dresses to snap up for summer if going bra-less isn’t really an option for you

It may be hard to believe if you can see this week’s bout of torrential rain outside your window, but summer is fast approaching, as is the promise of more freedom as lockdown restrictions continue to lift.

And while we’re positively giddy at the thought of Aperols in the sun with our best mates, there is one part of the warmer months that wasn’t made for those of us with big boobs: summer dresses. Design details such as open backs, paper-thin spaghetti straps and a distinct lack of sleeves mean that most women with a smaller bust simply go sans bra. But if ditching your bra isn’t an option for you, the thought of summer fashion can be enough to make you want to hibernate throughout the post-21st June celebrations.

OK, we know there are endless bra alternatives and snazzy lingerie solutions out there to solve our summer outfit woes – from stick-on and invisible bras to totally undetectable nipple covers. But depending on the shape and size of our boobs, sometimes they just don’t suffice or we simply CBA with them. Spending the whole night worrying about a wandering nipple poking out of a sticky silicone bra isn’t *quite* our idea of fun. And don’t even get us started on the boob sweat.

Priyanka Mattoo feels our pain too. On 10th May, the writer asked Twitter for summer dress suggestions for ‘people who wear bras’, and the post quickly went viral.

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“does anyone on the entire internet want to suggest a summer dress for ppl who wear bras,” she wrote, and the responses came flooding in.

“I thought we were just supposed to detach our breasts and hang them up in the closet with the cold weather clothes. At least that’s what fashion has led me to believe,” shared one user.

“I feel this. Strapless bras laugh at me,” said another.

So, in bra-wearing solidarity, we wanted to round up our favourite summer dresses for people with big boobs. No strapless designs, inconveniently placed cut-outs or open backs here. This is a boob sweat-free zone. You’re welcome.

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