IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021

Question Answer(s) Happy Wednesdays are here again! Raise up your glass of IBD Live cheer again! livin’ the dream in Mpls Greetings, Scott! Ticker of the day FREE A Chris suggestion this morning. Is it? Really? All right now? 🙂 It’s always alright when you are surrounded by friends. 🙂 where has david ryan been? He’s on vacation and will be on Friday. Good Morning from Dallas!! live answered Bonjour Bonjour, hola, hello Juan! Good morning team thank you for your hard work and dedication every day Thank you so much, Brandon. We appreciate the loyal support. Good morning all from the UK Good morning, Phil! Can we look at AMAT ASML,? live answered Is there any news to describe the action with AVTR? Preannounced earnings Good morning! Is David Ryan leaving? He’s been on vacation. Today’s Tickers please? TASK, ASAN, MGM, BYD GM all! Dave, thank you for pointing out the website, I added it to my list. You’re welcome Gary! GM! In addition to the wonderful team, David Ryan and Charles Harris are the best guests. Of course, Mark Minervini is great too (he needs to be here more often) 🙂 Thanks Jason, great feedback. We do plan to have Mark back, of course! Scheduling is always a big task. Chris has picked ASAN to review. Since MNDY is in the same group, can you review and compare both together please? live answered Tata also getting back Air India (which they originally started, way back) Did not know that, thanks Abdulrauf. and looks like TATA acquired 100% stake in Air India Interesting timing, Luca, thanks for that. Can someone please confirm the tickers that David listed? Sure Stephen; I named ftnt zs team bill ddog dash iipr during the news segment, and they’re mentioned in Tuesday’s Big Picture. Also highlighted some energy names in the story too. Symbols listed by David? Just put them in an earlier answer, thanks Chris – how does APPS look to you? Thx live answered What were the morning tickers? Chris on TASK, Irusha on BYD MGM TNDM hit traditional pivot live answered NET NH, dang! live answered LTHM — Nice Price Action and Volume yesterday – should have taken a nibble. Forming a Base on Base. Hi Peter! Yes, agree, the rebound lately looks good to me. I started buying some shares on Monday. Let’s see how it goes. Totally agree on the base-on-base pattern. Lithium stocks are super strong, moving with EVs? LTHM SLI Totally. LTHM is a new holding for me. Thanks for noting SLI. I also like SQM ALB Was Bill one to buy the strong stocks BEFORE the FTD? Yes. If the setups were there and the market looked like it was on the mend, he would start nibbling early but not go in heavy. “Pilot Position” Maybe I’ve been asleep, but I first heard Ali use that term just a few days ago. Now it seems all of you use the term regularly. Is there a story behind this usage. Again, I may just be slow. live answered Justin – how do I set up a quick watchlist in MS to add the daily symbols we discuss on IBD Live? Thanks! You can just go to My Lists on the left hand side. Click New and then fill them in. Chris – where is your trendline BP on TSK? Not using a trendline. Just looking at the pullback to the 50-day. Stock is off highs. I would put an alert at the day’s high. Ali, there was a female guest on several weeks ago that walked us through what to look for in the five minute chart in the alignment of the candlesticks. I wanted to rewatch that episode. Any idea where I would find that link? Thanks. Anne-Marie Baiynd was her name. She was on Sept. 3. Great episode. STRONG early move by AMD – starting to normalize — Back over 10-wk and 50-day. Back over trend line, 50-day/10-week, recent highs… seemingly in strong volume. AMD is moving strong with volume Agreed. I’m excited, but can’t get too happy yet. Nasdaq and S&P still under their 21 day. Hunting… And there goes Irusha mentioning that exact point… AFRM market leader live answered XLF dropped to 50 day live answered any thought about SDC Low priced, trending below a falling 200 day and unprofitable. Not one I would focus on. smile direct club Right, that stock has been very weak. competitor for ALGN May be many others too that are not public firms. “yea amazimg volume last 5 weeks AFRM” live answered AFRM besting recent hi live answered AMD poking it’s ugly little head up here… O_O live answered can u take a look at axp. thanks live answered BYD breaking out? live answered AFRM going for NH with vol live answered AFRM NH live answered AFRM hitting ATH on good volume. Please discuss. live answered Where can I find the definition of a follow through day”? 🙂 After the initial rally attempt, how long can you wait until a follow-through day happens? The minimum is day 4 but what is the maximum? We actually don’t have a maximum. I’ve seen a few get over day 20 and still work. Hatman, Same fake out with LPX… Thanks for noting. Yes, not nice to see a decline, but, this could actually serve as a healthy “inside day.” Indeed, if the breakout proved premature, on the flip side, maybe a handle could form. Please check out this Investor’s Corner: what’s your take on the financial sector today? live answered Where do you find the list that you are mentioning live answered Can you include the IBD live stock lists to the IBD Stock Screener for IBD Live Subscribers 🙂 At this time, no. We don’t have a mechanism to allow IBD Live folks to see it without letting everyone see it. But we are looking for more flexibility in that regard. SE popping almost 5% live answered when is david ryan joining us ? David Ryan will be back on Friday. Thanks Dave. Is there a place to readily see what has been added to the ready/watch list? live answered What’s the difference between ready and watch list? live answered HOw often is the mutual fund list updated? Doesn’t seem like it would be very often? Correct! It’s not something we update what is,the definition of ready list and of watch list live answered SBLK: thoughts are appreciated. Thank you. live answered as a new investor awaiting my first actual correction, having reduced risk and doing a little bit of sitting on the sidelines while keeping up my watchlist updated, any advice for days like this where amidst all the tumult the AFRMs, UPSTs,
UPWKs, DOCs of the market are behaving suspiciously well? Like many others I’d like to see myself involved with some of these smaller market cap companies Pick one or two that you have the most conviction and start a small position, maybe 2% to 5%. SE has blue dot now after big move this morning live answered Would you please take a look at INMD? Up over 9% today. live answered I think we need to ask IRUSHA about the BEARS beating the RAIDERS . . . :). I don’t think he’s happy about that, as well as the latest news, Peter! But congrats on the new QB’s victory! Have you looked at AMD We did talk a lot about it, then looked at ASML SOXL and SMH. Def a leader in chip sector. FTNT is a Blue Dot special! live answered UPST rallying again live answered What do you think of TTD here? 36 RS Rating def needs to improve; it’s spent five weeks below the 50-day MA, and if that becomes 9 weeks or more, that would indicate serious weakness. Let’s watch to see how this new base forms. SNOW live answered Irusha, do you mean purchasing above the 21-day ema AND the 21-day EMA needs to be on an upslope? He’s saying the time to be aggressive is when the indexes are trading above the 21-day. Read our article on the power trend at for more info! Webby Zone – another entry for fifth edition Ha! Possibly! And, Irusha may be referring to our power trend, which Mike did develop! The second question I have is do you have performance data if all you did was buy FFTY when the markets were in a bull market and sold when markets were in correction with under pressure being a variable that could measure additional permutations.
I am thinking of buying FFTY only when markets are in bull mode or under pressure and selling when markets are in correction according to your calls. Good to hear, Tarun. Great call on SE Cool Stock pickers market Yes AMD — If you draw a line from left to right at $ 108, it’s breaking through “some” resistance. Agreed. TTM keeps going up. Is this related to India? SMIN small cap India ETF seems steady. Your thoughts? Serious buying here! Tesla also investing in India. I’d guess EVs are going to be a major new market there. Baltic Dry Index… NOT containers… Dry Cargo (Bulk)… Thanks Peter; I should be more clear about that. Baltic also Wet (Tanker) Index… Need to watch that too GM, can you please talk about INMD? live answered Thank you guys Cheers Raj! For Inmode, they had a 2 for 1 split, and the stock has been very volatile since then. Is there any reason that the stock split would lead to more erratic pricing? Jim, I wonder if investors see more potential in new markets beyond skin? Does the 21 day line need to be above the 50 day line in order to be in a power trend? Check out our explainer article on the power trend at 🙂 “Justin, For a power trend, does the Nasdaq’s 21 day need to be above the 50 day? Or can  21 day be below the 50 day as it is now?” Check out our explainer article on the power trend at 🙂 William Shatner about to launch Wow! Captain Kirk has launched. Wow! Thanks for all your efforts and advice, great group Cheers! IBD LIVE TEAM — Great job today! Please continue to stay safe – Flu season is just around the corner, make sure to get your flu shot! Totally will! You too, Peter. Go Browns! Go Bears!
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