IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Sept. 13, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning everyone! Justin, over the weekend I was able to watch your podcast with Irusha and George Tkaczuk, which was fantastic. You tended to the ask the same questions I would like his answers to, so very helpful! Appreciate your effort
to use the podcast as a tool for education and inspiration. Awesome! Such a nice guy and thank you for the kind words. When float of a stock is just about 10% of outstanding stocks, is it a good thing or bad thing? Example : CRCT (Circuit) : Float 24.2 Million, Shares Outstanding : 222.2 million. In general, what is a good float %? For me the risk of small floats are possiblity of recurring secondary offerings. KORS is the textbook example as Michael Kors liquidated his ownership. Elvis! Excellent choice this morning. He recently released a revised version of this record called Spanish Model with all Spanish singers on the original tracks. Pete’s drums are much louder in the new mix. Ticker of the day PUMP ITUP Hmmm Pump It Up. Are we talking gas and oil sector today? Never know, we may! Welcome back Ali! Thanks, Aziz! Good morning. GM Taher Good Morning from Dallas! Hey John! Welcome back, Ali! Thanks, Herbert! You’re all matchy matchy. Ain’t that sweet! In IBD Blue! Hi! Bullish sentiment and short interest both high. What do you make of that? I’ve never looked at overall short interest. I’ll have to check the historical data. Great to start the week off with Harold! Welcome back, Ali. Hope you had a great vacation! GM Jeff; certainly Ali is ready to pump it up! Can you take a look at AVTR from LB? Down 3.6% in premarket on a stock offering – cause for concern? live answered great to see Harold his stock picks are always good Nice Harold – Please share your current thought on BSY. Thanks I’m still in, its hanging around the 5% zone, showing no signs of weakness welcome back Ali Glad she’s back! GM, DSC! Hey Jeff! Thanks much for joining us!! What were the symbols this morning? Harold on INTU, Justin on X Disappointing action for lot of growth tech stocks last week – CRWD, ZS, DOCU, SQ This could be a telling day. Especially with a Monday gap up. AFRM now dove down 7% in pre market. IS there any news here? live answered Where is your early buy point on AFRM? live answered GM IBD Live, let’s roll! Hi Tom! Good morning all. Welcome back Ali! Great to see you again Harold! GM Wayne AFRM smoked here, news? live answered Look at SIVB, break out Def getting near the top of its own consolidation, Gary. No sound We hear sound, could you pls check your audio output? Please include STLD in your steel analysis. Thx We’ll def take a look tomorrow and throughout the week, Anthony. Good morning! ARKK looks like its ready to swan dive, would you consider this a valid proxy for growth stocks? Sure would, and for more speculative companies that do not have earnings too. Among the top 10, however, almost all have strong profits as well. So, today’s decline appears to reflect profit-taking in big gains since 2020 and those with higher
P-E ratios. klac live answered ASML one of the stronger Semi Equip names live answered AFRM? live answered Please review SHOP, NTLA, MRNA, GNRC live answered BLD – thoughts – looks like breakout is failing? Certainly getting caught up in the heavy morning selling of top growth stocks. Now testing support at the 21-day EMA and an early buy point near 221. Still a quarter posn on Leaderboard. The QQQ’s are plummeting!!!!! live answered Do we have a list of guests for the rest of the month? Eric Krull, coauthor of The Lifecycle Trade: How to Win at Trading IPOs on Fri; Charles Harris on 9/24; and Brian Shannon on 10/1 scheduled. would you have a look at AMD please. Key test of the 10-week line this week Harold do you like any energy names? I bought DVN pre-opening – great valuation Haven’t looked at energy, they don’t move as quickly as I like. what is happening to IIPR Hi Richard, not sure if there’s news, or simply a lack of news on progress on the federal legislative side to decriminalize pot, but IIPR is certainly succumbing to profit-taking, now poised to give up all of a 14% paper gain from the recent breakout at 222.18. Important to prevent such a nice short-term profit from completely disappearing. XEC breaking out today. Was looking at it friday and didn’t pull the trigger. Thoughts about an entry here? Not wild about cup breakouts in this market. I watching for a pullback or tight action. Can we take a look at INMD live answered SNAP breaking through 10 wk MA. Thoughts? It will look a lot better if it can get support at the 50-day. DVN breaking trendline in handle live answered A general management question. Do you treat each purchase (lot) separately for making sell decisions -or- use the overall cost basis? if it is a separate entry vs. scaling in, yes we typically treat differently Can we look at CROX? Pulling back “I wrote a story last week on Crocs, check it out: it helps” “The sitting is the hardest part!” Totally BTW thanks to Justin and Irusha for the weekend podcast with Kenny Polcari and his memories from ground zero. Very riveting and compelling. A meaningful way to never forget. Thanks. Thanks, Sandy. I love hearing all of Kenny’s stories but I’m glad we were able to let him share this one with a larger crowd. Any thoughts on UPST? Down some but above the 10-day line. Looks pretty darn good amid all the selling in growth stocks! what is going on with NVDA? Growth stocks are struggling. NVDA did relatively well last week. Even now, NVDA is just approaching its 21-day line. ALB? Down almost 5% today. Anything going on with the miners and alt-energy? Don’t know of anything specific. Growth stocks are having a tough day. how is SQ doing ? Trying to find support at 50-day line, but it’s given up all of its recent gains from the Afterpay deal. SBLK – any thoughts? Strong relative strength today. You’re right. Rising while several other shipping stocks down. When was IPO seminar? Check out our webinar archive at DOCS Falling back to 10-day line, where it’s found support a number of times in the past few weeks. Can’t expect it to always hold the 10d though. Hi, how often is the industry list updated? weekly SHOP breaking out of Diamond Top Pattern, looks like it should fall hard from here live answered Are we able to get the Industry Groups as an Excel file so we can update ourselves on the weekend to review as part of our routines? You can always download it from MarketSmith. Rank based on what Justin? Comparative price performance for each group over the past six months. Do you post these industry group ranking to FAQ on Mondays? We do. Is it possible to reformat header row in industry groups for columns E-O? Perhaps format with month/day, ie Sept 13 would be easier to read at glace. No problem. I tend to use that format in file names so I can sort files by date. Since that isn’t necessary here a reformat isn’t a problem. Good morning, Can I download Justin’s great spreadsheet? We will post on the IBD Live FAQ at IDXX broke to the downside through the 50 day, sell signal? live answered Thank you Chris live answered CHRIS – XLE is very close to breaking a downward sloping trendline. Looks good. And a good way to play the bounce in oil stocks when individual stocks are so volatile. INMD worthy of a small buy on a bounce off the 10 week? Great Q, Joseph; this looks like the 3rd pullback of the 10-week MA since the breakout from a narrow cup w/ handle at 80.33. We normally limit buys at the 10-week line to the first two tests. But the first test in the week ended 7/9 should not count since INMD pulled back into the base. Pls keep in mind, this stock has made an enormous run from its Q1 2020 low. So perhaps best to see the selling end first before considering a new buy.
and Ed – check out the blue dot on SBLK (Weekly). Ed on vacation today! But you’re right Jeff, the RS line is impressive, and so is the early gain Monday. is UPST actionable? live answered UPST looking like ASAN. Bucking the downtrend today. live answered Any thought on IDXX live answered can we buy UPST now? live answered Question for Chris mainly: Are you able to get your hedge so fine tuned that you are completely protected or is some back pedaling something you must put up with to try and hold some of your best stocks? For instance, Last Tuesday, I got that
feeling that these gains were too easy over the prior two weeks, tried to hedge using SQQQ but have since given back about a third 🙁 I hedge by shorting the Nasdaq futures. It’s easy to offset my TQQQ position. I check the deltas on the rest of stocks (check out the TOS hedging video on the FAQ). That’s where it can be tough. There have been days when the market bounces but my stocks do not, so you lose on the hedge and the long positions. For that reason I am selling into strength these days and mainly using the hedge for TQQQ. INMD got close to 50 day Yes indeed Ed you’re on vacation 😀 Yeah, waiting to go golfing with my son before he heads off to college later this week. Did Transportation group increase last week? live answered PKI please comment Hi Dennis, weak start to the week for sure. Key test of the 10-week MA near 179. Also, move past a 3 weeks tight at 187.72 is clearly not working.
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