IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 9, 2021

Thoughts on SNAP drop the past 2 days. Not good action. Maybe this is a shakeout before the “real” breakout, but modest gains from entry points are now negative. What about PATH… building a base ? Trying to bottom, would be good to see it retake the 21-day line and then the 50-day. What Brian first stock name ? ETSY Good morning! What are Chris tickets for today? F, FIGS, INMD Good morning. The Market School commentary on Leaderboard said yesterday was a distribution day on the NASDAQ. The Big Picture did not show it as a distribution day and noted that volume was lower than Wednesday. Just wondering why the difference. I goofed. My Wed. volume was off slightly. I’m jumping in and fixing it now. What is the background of Brian? He’s a CMT, swingtrader; runs GM is doing even better than F , buy both? Nice gap up for GM but 50-day line is still a potential resistance level to watch. F looks better IMO Good morning, thoughts on SHOP, thanks. We trimmed the position on Leaderboard yesterday. Like the stock but didn’t like the price action on Wed/Thur. GM Team. When there is a C&H and the handle is gently declining in price there is an opportunity for an early entry when the price rises above the trendline of the declining handle. Right? Did WJO (or you) ever use Buy Stops orders above the trendline to permit an automatic entry when the price breaks above the trendline? Thanks -PaulG Bill didn’t use buy stops. I will use them intraday, when I see a stock setting up that I want to buy. what was the breast implant company that was mentioned Microcap SIEN Auto Nation setting up? breaking out over trendline today. Looks good. hearing from some of the business talking heads that you should not trade China – as their government lies about earnings and cooks the books…IBD thooughts please Personally, I have no interest in owning China stocks at this point. High risk/low reward What do you guy’s think of PATH coming up off the bottom? There seems to be a huge runway for their type of technology and it has sponsorship. Thank you Making a case for a bottom but still too early IMO. A bottoming pattern like SNOW looks better, but it’s still trying to conquer resistance. Could we add to AMZN here or wait for a pullback? Looks extended at this point after Tuesday breakout. What makes the team even look at Snow with such bad fundamentals. Just the sales? Sales and fund sponsorship. Some good funds are in the stock. Do the 197 Industry Group ranking get updated daily, or weekly? Thank you! live answered INMD — Yesterday’s reversal was among the best — consolidating — Resistance at $ 94.60. But, really like it and will add to position if it can break through resistance. Good plan. Definitely acting well to Ed – did you close out of your position in ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping Services)? We closed our position on big down day on Tues 5/11 with nice gains. I’ve got a small position left. How long does Brian typically hold his positions? Is he a longer or swing or into more of short term trading? swing trader — said he was day trading yesterday as well CROX – Would you add to it here? This is a tricky one. Solid support at 10-week line but 10-week line (107.45) is below lastest buy point (110.01). We typically like to see the 10-week line above latest entry. Chart looks great though. Why is ALi’s voice (mic) so much higher than everyone else? Adjusted the volume a bit! INMD nice rev live answered Good morning. Could you take a look at Dropbox? Acting well, but it’s past the 5% buy zone from 28.43 entry. Can Brian speak to whether he uses hard stops? live answered Hi Ed, do you still own ZIM? Small position. Is UPWK forming a handle? yes it is. 61.31 buy point. Can you look at KEYS? Looks actionable to me if it can move above June 29 high of 155.88. PYPL coming through “handle” here, looks higher Sluggish breakout so far with no volume. That said, holding above 296.11 entry. would you rotate from DEN to MTDR? from old leader to new one? in same sector? Great first test of 10-week line for MTDR. Agree with Chris on DEN, too extended to buy. Chris, can you please explain how you hedge TQQQ? We have an explainer video linked at — Hedging With Futures Thanks Ali. Is there anyway to hedge without futures? I do not play futures and want to learn if there is any other way. SQQQ — we have a hedging webinar in our webinar archive from Chris and Justin in April 2020 I believe! For those not using Market Smith is there a way to view intraday volume to know how the stock is performing compared to the prior day? Check the chafts on
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