IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Jan. 14, 2022

GM Everyone ! GM Darren! GM David…. Hi Juan! Goood Moooorning IBD Live! A huge welcome to Brian Shannon. “Technical Analysis Using Mulitiple Timeframes” has been an incredible arrow in my quiver, thank you, Brother! Nice note Shane! GM! The other day someone in the chat mentioned they used colored arrows on the marketsmith chart to indicate their sell and buy price. How do I do this? thanks n Good Morning DSC! Great investors corner article on “Hope” and the dangers of it within the context of investing. Mahalo, DSC Mahalo Morning and Mahalo Friday to you Shane! Yup, I enjoyed writing that one, thank you! Dave Good Am IBD Gang. GM James! I don’t do Twitter. Is there another site? Yes, search AlphaTrends and Brian Shannon on Google. signs this selling is over? live answered Happy Friday gang! Hey James, Happy Friday! Great Book Brian, great to have you on the show again live answered Good morning Brian – does this market remind you of 2001-2002? Tough market for sure! live answered GM, joined little late. What were the tickers mentioned? GM, just DE and the bank stocks Sorry missed the beginning, any idea what the stock picks were? DE and the banks, good morning Ron! Cheers! Happy Friday hatman and company, welcome back Brian! Hey Hat Man 2! GM from Cape Cod. Hey Phil Is TSLA a short now?? live answered Citi announced they were letting go of unvaccinated employees as of yesterday. This is regardless of ruling against Biden mandate for businesses. live answered Does IWD reflect the comments on the IWM? Looks totally different to me. Maybe need to read Brians book again. IWD is the Russell 1000 Value, very different from the Russell 2000. Gm Team… Who is Mr. Shannon’s firm please? Thanks PaulG Alphatrends. You can checkout his website at Good morning! Why financials are so much down? Earnings for a lot of banks. In TOS, do you folks know the difference between tickers “COMP:GIDS” and “$COMP”? Looks like they are the same. Initially, TOS had COMP as the ticker for the Nasdaq composite but then a stock took that ticker leading to the change to COMP:GIDS. $COMP maybe have been a way to simplify. arent high interest rates good for bank profits? It’s often more about the spread between your shorter term and longer term. If your short-term rises faster they can’t make money on the spread. Interesting article on Barron’s in regards commodities and their recent performance in comparison to the last 25 years. Worth taking a look. Thanks, Shane! EQNR – 28.08 handle. I mentioned it earlier in the week, as well. Check out RS Line. Small position sizes…for sure! Thoughts? Oil & Gas remain a strong spot. QQQ bouncing, guys.. Why this gloom? I’d say heavy dose of caution over gloom. Can you talk about GNRC? Not the stock that it was. Been in a downtrend and trading below the 200-day moving average line so not really actionable any time soon. Can we draw VWAP in MarketSmith? Not now! Do you know if the VWAP on TOS is a similar calculation to Brian’s AVWAP/? live answered Brian is great. Can MSmith develop a VWAP tracking tool similar to what we see on TC2000? this is very useful; much more so than a time-based moving average. thank you live answered can’t follow. Can you go over it again please? live answered Are we able to add that weighted Avg in the Market Smith Charts? live answered where does he get anchored VWAP, I only have VWAP As Brian noted, he developed it with TC 2000. Thanks Brian for VWAP explanation. Do you use that exclusively on all time frames for your shorter or even longer term trades/positions? Or you use that will other indicators? live answered Where do you get this volume weighted price from? He is on TC2000 to give him the ability to anchor it as he’s showing. Brain: how can we add the VWAP tools on TOS? live answered If no VWAP on MS, can you do it on TOS? live answered Thank you, David, but Brian–your analysis is great, and I love your book. thank you so much, live answered Which Trading Platform Brian is using? TC2000. how can we watch this presentation again? thank you The show will be up at about 30 minutes after the broadcast ends. Can we ask Brian what the significance of start of year is for anchored vwap With many institutions focusing on YTD gains, that can make that “event” relevant for the anchor. What is the length of Brian’s VWAP 20 or 50 or what? Thanks Sounded to me he often uses “events.” He just showed examples of using a gap event or simply the beginning of the year. Does Brian’s book explain the concepts of the VWAP? Yes. And as he mentioned, he often features it in his weekly video. Ed, keep the scruff going, looks good Thanks. Oh man… when Brain talks it’s like drinking from a firehose. Need to rewatch several times! Always terrific. live answered Do we know where David Ryan bought LXU? I know it was early 2021 but just wanted to know what the setup was. I don’t think he said. Hi Brian, how about TSM? live answered MT is owned by Lakshmi Mital who is an Indian billionnaire He’s been featured a lot in the media, especially in the UK, right Neil? And I think his son is highly involved. OVV live answered Hi, thoughts on investing on BRN (on Australia Stock Exchange)? Doubled since the start of the year. Seems like exhaustion selling for now, live answered kicking myself for buying PXD. live answered while in oil stocks look at apa live answered Equinor just had a big write down announced in a N Sea well. They are the National oil co- used to be Statoil. live answered Is anyone concerned about 4-6 proposed interest rate increases in 2022 proposed by the Fed? I think that’s clearly affecting bond yields and growth stocks. XLE also looks like Exxon XOM is 23% weight and CVX is 20%. They dominate the ETF. XES IS BREAKING A TRENDLINE IN VOL. Hi Craig, thanks for sharing this one! Chris, I can’t find the pointer tool in MS taht you taked about regarding marking buy sell price in MS Did you find the tools at the bottom of the alerts panel on the left side? CVE has been my only rock. Solid breakout so far, Fred, and the moving averages are starting to perk up too. Nice buy! WFC showing some power, biggest catchup trade in Financials, almost done or room to grow? live answered Funny hatman, looking under the hood (frunk) of my Tesla there is only empty storage space lol Ha ha, Ron, OK, I’ll use FRUNK next time! DAVID — It might be interesting to look at $ON VWAP live answered TSM ,sales up live answered IBD and Marketsmith has leveraged so much for it’s users through fostering strong and respectful relationships with industry professionals like Brian, Joe, David, Eve, and the list goes on and on. It truly is amazing. Not only do we get the amazing IBD team but their extended friends and family. No other platform brings together trading minds the way IBD does. I can’t wait to see what IBD and Marketsmith has in store for it’s users through future development and enhancements brought about by this type of colllaboration with epic trading minds. IBD/Marketsmith THANK YOU! We’ve got a long list of improvements in the works. Sounds like VWAP would be good for setting stops? Definitely. But with DDOG there was still a big drawdown before it broke it. Taking some profits on that second gap or when it undercut that gap would have been good. TSM – Like Chris says, it’s easy to hold through earnings when you’re hedged. It was very easy but still a big gap down could have hurt. Just seemed unlikely, even with the market weakness. What are your thoughts on NTAP? Looks like it’s breaking out today Hi Julio, certainly trying to clear a “draw the line” move past 94. I like the 89 RS Rating, RS line improving too. Great industry group! Is TSM too extended to buy? Yes. Wait for a consolidation or the moving averages to catch up. Chris, how do you feel about AMZN ? Long time consolidating Definitely would catch my attention if it could break away from that long consolidation. Is Fed really considering 4-6% proposed interest rate increase in 2022? Fed recently said 3 qtr-point rate hikes likely in 2022. Market expecting 4 hikes now. Fed also likely to reduce balance sheet this year, providing further tightening. that is a great question live answered Seems like buying puts would be a safer way to short. Yep, Chris noted buying puts for hedging too. ***25 years of IBD stuff! live answered Love that you are delving into shorting strategies. Bill O’Neill’s How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short is just as phenomenal as his book on long positions, which IBD bases all of its work on. Wish you had a spinoff of Live once per week that concentrates on shorts. Take a walk on the short side! live answered BYND Large % of stock is short. Possibly of short squeeze? live answered Can we look at Leader Board $ANET -if it closes here? We’ll take a look. where can I learn about VWAP? Check out Brian’s weekly video and go on Twitter, @AlphaTrends Brian Shannon is awesome! live answered sellers in control ANET live answered Thanks for ANET live answered David, could you start each stock on the day? Hi Bob, could you clarify, pls? I don’t understand your Q ANET Totally agree Brian 🙂 .. important and dangerous time.. Similar comment by Ed some days ago… that this stock on Notice… Thanks gets Currentr VWAP (today) 131.12.. TOS.. live answered David, can you discuss UCTT? Thanks! Jeff live answered RBLX ? Market Cap of $40B ???! live answered can you vwap on amzn? live answered Hi, when Bill O’neill was trading succesfully, do u think he used VWAP and aslo, how much more technical was Bill, in regard to how to make money in stocks, he used MA, volume etc… and what seems logical indicactors and not at all as technichal as Brian…. I wonder if he used it subconsciously… What about QCOM live answered Fatastic education! Thank you. live answered Yuck, not AMZN. Do XLB VWAP live answered Brian is the best guest your show ever has had on. His book is amazing, his twitter account is also. Please have him on much more often! Thanks for all you do Brian! live answered David, sorry. Was hoping to look at UCTT through a CANSLIM Lens, not VWAP. Thanks! live answered Brian this great, we need you back more! live answered David……I meant to say to srart looking at each stock on the daily. Ah got it! Chris and I really do favor the weekly charts, but we always will try to show a daily. Cheers! Brian.. AMZN / QCOM.. & other TICKERS just great (additional) perspective when added to MS / IBD Live.. Starts to feel like an “institutional stock review”. 🙂 live answered When does Brian delete an old VWAP? live answered Thank you Brian! Awesome VWAP presentation. live answered special thanks to Brian for insights and strategies for investing. Love it. live answered Make it a Great weekend everyone! live answered Very informative! Thnx live answered can we look at the market again live answered Thank you Brian! Get some powder turns in for me out there! live answered Thanks Everyone. Appreciate your input. live answered Anchored vwap….. thanks live answered Love this show. Nice work. live answered very interesting, thanks. trivia question. how many times was VWAP said on the show today? lol live answered Thanks Brian much for me to learn! live answered FORTUNATELY You have the weekly, Hatman. Indispensable!! live answered
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